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Interaxion is a French company specialised in the distribution and sourcing of active ingredients for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. We offer 2 ranges of high quality raw materials : conventional and organic in hydroglycerin extracts (without palm), oily macerates, floral and fruit waters, exfoliating powders, vegetable oils, essential oils, dried extracts.

We are dedicated to providing you with high quality ingredients for the development of on-demand products to our industrial clients. Our batch sizes are suitable for both small, medium and large series. We therefore offer low minimum order quantities.

Our dedicated team remains at your entire disposal and ensures your complete satisfaction from order to delivery by responding to your industrial challenges, and to your current technical and regulatory constraints.

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With our solid expertise in botany, we have been developing local and sustainable partnerships around the world for several years in order to offer you the best of mother nature. We make sure that the production of our ingredients respects our social and environmental commitments in order to guarantee an optimal quality.

We take a good care of every and each specific requirements of our customer. We aim to market a wide range of plant ingredients to cover all your needs in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Glycérine Organic vegetable glycerin guaranteed palm free

Our premium quality certified organic vegetable glycerin made in India is extracted from Karanja oil. Guaranteed palm-derived free, it is available in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food grades. Glycerin is a moisturising, humectant and emollient agent used in many industrial applications.

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Extraits végétaux Plant extracts

Our fresh or dried plant extracts from fruits or plants meet your needs in cosmetic formulation. Conventional or organic, our hydroglycerin extracts are made with palm-free vegetable glycerin.

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Eaux florales Floral and Fruit waters

Obtained from the distillation of flowers or fruits, our waters are perfectly suited to the development of multiple cosmetic products. Whether in an organic version (with an organic aloe vera water base) or in a conventional version, floral and fruit waters are care products on their own thanks to their water content and aromatic molecules.

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Macérats huileux Oily macerates

We offer a list of conventional and organic oily macerates which are the result of the maceration of plants in sunflower oil. This process allows the sunflower oil to collect and preserve the active principles of the plants selected for their benefits.

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