Discover our unique & exclusive Organic Glycerin, 100% Palm FREE. It is Cosmetic, Food & Pharma Grade. More information in our literature and specifications:

Doc – Organic Glycerin Palm free

Specs Organic Glycerin Palm Free – Cosmetics

Specs Organic Glycerin Palm Free – Food

Specs Organic Glycerin Palm Free – Pharma

You want to develop natural color cosmetics? Have a look at our range of Micropowders 25, our plant pigments 100% natural. Some can be used for dry shampoos as well:

Micropowders 25 Interaxion

Last trend in cosmetics: the Snail Slime for a better moisturization and anti-ageing effect! It is freeze-dried, 100% made in France and Ecocert certified. Organic grade available too

Snail Slime Interaxion